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Phg Sektion Stereo – Portrait of the Club

Our world is three-dimensional – so are our images

Last century brought ups and downs in the entire society and also to our club.

In the year 1928 the „Österreichische Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie“ (Austrian Society for Stereoscopy) was founded by amateurs with the aim to promote the stereoscopic idea. Soon it was clear that this did not lead to the desired results without emphasizing the scientific basics of stereoscopy. Various eminent scientists were persuaded to become general and extraordinary members. Periodical exhibits were highly appreciated by the public.

However with the Austrian Anschluss and the breakout of war the high point of the club was over. As “Ostmärkische Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie“  the club endured these hard times.

After the war in May 1953 the club organized together with the „Verband Österreichischer Amateurfotografen-Vereine (VÖAV)“  the umbrella organization of Austrian photographic clubs the first big international exposition. Regularily competitive exhibitions followed.

At its fortieth anniversary in the year 1968 the club had to break new ground due to financial reasons. It was incorporated as a section in the „Photographische Gesellschaft“.

In 1985 Ing. Friedrich Brantner started to manage the Sektion Stereo. He motivated the members to participate in international stereoscopic congresses to compete and improve their skills. He organized the biannual Austrian „Raumbildtage“ which culminated in the organization of the 17th congress of the International Stereoscopic Union  in Gmunden in September 2009.

In 2010 DI Hermine Raab resumed the leadership of the Sektion Stereo with the mission „Preserving the old and promoting the new“. So analogue and digital shows have been projected, the collaboration with the “Graphische” has been intensified and a home page was installed: www.stereoskopie.at. Now the members can find all information of planned activities in the internet. Further they can present themselves with their images in the online image gallery and compete in the annual „Minute-of-Fame“ competition.

In September 2012 the first 3D-Festival of Vienna the “3Dimensionale Wien”  was organized. History and new technology, documentation and art of stereoscopy was shown to the highly interested public. A retrospective of the work of the club can be looked at  www.3dimensionale.at

2012 the first International 3D Stereo Contest was installed in 2012.

wird der Wettbewerb international ausgerichtet: International 3D Stereo Contest.

2014 the 2nd “3Dimensionale Wien”  was organized.

In 2016 St Pölten celebrates the 30years capital with 30 3D images of the city presented in the Stadtmuseum.

In 2018, the Stereo Section celebrates its 90th anniversary and organises the 3rd 3Dimensionale at the Technical Museum Vienna.

Every year, the members present their stereoscopic works and equipment in exhibitions.

Sektion Stereo - a platform for all stereoscopic issues

The club promotes the practice of 3D photography, encourages the use of 3D photography in the fields of visual arts and techniques and provides a forum for the study and use of 3D cameras. The members want to keep interest in 3D alive and the non-profit club allows people to meet and exchange ideas, view photos or just have a good time.